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We Are Leading A New Generation Of Technology Inspired Doctors

The Spine Specialist is the “Evolution of Non Surgical Disc Management”, and is poised to help patients with back pain on the same scale as laser eye surgery has for those with vision problems. Never before have doctors had the advantages and capabilities that Robotic Simultaneous Class 4 Laser and Spinal Decompression bring to the table. Spine Specialist Clinics has blazed this trail for you and achieved what was previously impossible.

Firstly, we have achieved the creation of a proprietary patent protected treatment option with greater capability for your difficult cases of back, neck and knee pain. Secondly we have pioneered our trademarked done-for-you integrated marketing and patient support systems to make it easier on you and your staff to attract and retain new patients that truly need what you have to offer. All of these elements translate to a more smooth, efficient and successful business.

Be The Disc Doctor

Diversify yourself from other health practitioners not offering this service to attract a new type of patient. Those patients that have been told surgery is their only hope and those that have exhausted all other treatment options will seek you out simply because you utilize this very specialized and unique device designed specifically to treat their condition.

If you are already a decompression practitioner you can separate yourself from even the decompression competition by offering the newest and most technologically advanced treatment available anywhere. You can also utilize this new treatment to re-activate your past “old technology” decompression patients that have had relapses or want to continue with a spinal anti-aging maintenance program for optimal spinal health.

Utilizing the “Spine Specialist,” patients will enter your practice already comfortable in the fact that your technology provides the highest quality and most specific care available for their condition. Especially when you are able to fix what others cannot, you can be sure they will tell others!

We’re Building a Team and We Want You On It.

Our first mission was to create the world’s most technologically advanced therapeutic solution for patients suffering from pain. Mission accomplished.

Our second mission was to devise mechanisms to most easily get these devices helping patients where they are most needed. We accomplished that too.

Understandably with high-end technology, capitol cost often keeps it out of the hands of many doctors that could help thousands of their patients if they only had the financial ability to invest and the confidence of some experienced assistance to ensure success of the venture. To Spine Advanced, these limitations mean that patients are suffering needlessly which is not congruent with our mission.

Here’s where you come in. We devised “The Spine Specialist Associate Program” which places our devices in your clinic on a pay-as-you go basis. We manage and pay for your new patient acquisition using very powerful and proven marketing techniques we have perfected through the successes of our own clinical headquarters. How can you be confident it works? There has never been a company confident enough to tie their success in so closely with yours. Our devices are revolutionary so understandably so are our methods. We have created the perfect solution to helping patients and doctors alike get the solutions they need and this is us standing behind you 110%. This is our commitment to you in partnership for clinical and business success like no other company has ever had the confidence to propose let alone go along with you for the ride.

At Spine Advanced we are building a team of inspired doctors who want to make a difference and change the world of therapeutic intervention for pain. Every meaningful journey begins with a first step.

It has never been easier for you to up-level your capabilities and your practice. You miss 100% of the

shots you don’t take and if you’ve come this far, it is your time.

We hope you are inspired to take the journey with us.

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